Fragility of Man - Paperback Playscript *PRE-ORDER*

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Fragility of Man - Paperback Playscript *PRE-ORDER*


Paperback version of original play FRAGILITY OF MAN





How destined are we to repeat the mistakes of the generations before us? Do our genes sabotage us before we even have a chance?

This play follows the volatile youth of a twelve-year-old homeless fighter through the penal system of the Thatcher era, the rise of an ecstasy-fuelled revolution and an adult life behind bars struggling to find redemption and peace.

Total sell out theatre (drama) show: Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

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RECENT AUDIENCE REVIEWS (From the Edinburgh Fringe Website)

Alex Gunn . 4 days ago

This show is the dramatic equivalent of being hit by a freight train (and I mean that in the best way possible). Before seeing it I would never have imagined that one man could project such powerful physicality into a role, but I was certainly proven wrong.

Poignant, at times darkly humorous, deeply tragic and yet with a glimpse of hope, Fragility of Man exceeded my expectations and left the whole room lost for words. A fine way to end my festival experience!

Dave Lake . 13 days ago

So far this festival (8-17-19) we have been to 31 performances and "Fragility of Man" is the best we have seen. It is a riveting 50 minutes where you cannot take your eyes of of the character that David William Bryan portrays. You leaving talking about both the performance and the injustice of the justice system. This is a MUST see show.

John Dewhurst . 14 days ago

A barnstorming performance by David Bryan.
It was beautifully written, verging on the poetic at times.
The play was performed with only a black back cloth and a barefooted David wearing only tracksuit bottoms. 
His acting was both physical and electrifying.
I saw 41 shows at this years fringe and this was the best.
The other reviewers bear testament to my opinion.
Go and see this play.
I know there are a lot shows on the Fringe, but why no professional reviews of this great show.

Anne Thomson . 14 days ago

The Fragility of Man is theatre at its best so, if you love theatre (and if you think you don't), go and see it. David William Bryan is an incredible actor who gives everything in this powerful performance, bringing to life one young man's struggle to climb out of the vicious cycle of poverty, addiction and violence he has been born into. The audience is drawn into the drama by a script which is at one moment poetically descriptive, and the next oath-filled angry dialogue. This was my Fringe highlight.

Stephen . 15 days ago

Fragility of Man is a brilliant piece of writing and performance. David William Bryan's work here is near faultless. Grab a ticket if you can.

Elisabeth H . 16 days ago

David William Bryan exceeds expectations yet again. "Fragility" is expertly crafted and disturbing - a jarring display of physical theatre and storytelling. So brilliant, cannot recommend enough.

John Dalton . 17 days ago

Saw In Loyal Company last year. Thought it would be hard to produce another show of such quality. Wrong. Fragility of Man shows that David William Bryan is a master of the one act, one person drama. Fine actor, totally commited to the part. Was enthralled from beginning to finish.

Marie . 19 days ago

This was a riveting one man show with a powerful performance from a remarkable actor. The commitment that David William Bryan gives to his performance has to be seen to be believed, and it keeps the audience spellbound. I have told anyone who would listen about his performance. See it and be enthralled.

Alex Smith . 20 days ago

Wow! Saw in loyal company last year and did not think it could be bettered but I was wrong. What an amazing performance from a brilliant actor. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Wendy Wastnidge . 20 days ago

Having seen In Loyal Company last year, this was on our ‘ Not to be missed list’. An amazing performance. A real triumph.

John Fuller . 20 days ago

This was the most riveting one man show I have seen in 5 years of coming to the Fringe. The commitment that David William Bryan gives to his performance has to be seen to be believed, and it keeps the audience spellbound even in a slightly uncomfortable venue (no seat backs!) Coming out, I had to book up for his other show (yet to see). Peaky Blinders and most things that you see on TV or film seem positively half hearted by comparison. I guess he must like live performance because otherwise he’d be ruling TV drama

Alison Cuthbert . 23 days ago

We saw In Loyal Company last year and loved it. This show is equally brilliant. David has terrific talent. 5 stars and a must see (if you can get a ticket!)

Brian Bromley . 23 days ago

I’ve difficulty walking so, firstly, thanks to the venue for their help. Much appreciated! Secondly, wow! My wife was skimming through the thousands of shows and she suggested we book this. The three of us were enthralled. Switching from one character to another with ease and grace. A thought provoking story. I felt so good after seeing this performance. Thanks!

David Henderson . 24 days ago

This monologue was performed with an energy and intensity that pulled the audience in. The plot explored one man's experience of his crime from his childhood onwards and was delivered with a rawness that developed a tension and throughout the intimate space. Theatre is rarely so simple, so thought provoking and so enthralling.

Sean Davis . 24 days ago

Fragility of Man (*****)
This one man show follows the volatile life of an intense12-year old homeless fighter through the dark streets and penal system of the Thatcher era. His sweating bare chested physique combine with his vivid, alliterative prose project an intensity that is both physical and psychological. While his main character dominates the story, he easily switches into his sweet girlfriend to provide an important motivating contrast.

This was the 2nd most enjoyable of the 43 shows I have seen so far this year.

David Murphy . 29 days ago

Incredibly powerful and moving play, the performance from David William Bryan was absolutely electric. The whole audience were gripped from the first second to the close, so much so that I think there were several periods when I forgot to breath I was so gripped! Highly recommended