I specifically teach acting for the stage. Having trained at the Stella Adler Studio in NYC, I am very much from a theatre background. I have been acting professionally for seven years and have carefully created an accessible and highly practical approach to acting, which I teach through structured workshops. I often teach these workshops before or after performances of my current show ‘In Loyal Company’.



“The pupil's really enjoyed David’s workshop and were able to use the techniques he explored with them to improve their Devised Dramas. A stimulating and exciting workshop that gave the pupils a chance to look in detail at how to 'action' a scene and add layers of detail” Andrea Asbury - Head of Drama - Hull Collegiate School


  • What age are the workshops suitable for?

    The workshops work best for ages 16+

  • What level of experience should the kids have?

It’s best if they are studying drama GCSE / A-level, but it’s not absolutely essential.

  • What do you actually do?

    The first workshop is based around defining what acting actually is, how it works, dealing with the pressure of being on stage, and how to make best use of your individual characteristics in acting. We will also do some basic scene work, exploring given circumstances, action and objectives, stage craft and the importance of decision making along the way. The teaching style is designed to create a safe, practical and encouraging atmosphere, and is particularly useful for kids lacking confidence. The message is one of “Yes, of course natural talent exists, but acting is very much something you can learn and get really good at, if you put in the time. So let’s give it a go and see what happens!”

  • How long do the workshops last?

    Generally a couple of hours, but I can work around your requirements.

  • What is the cost of a workshop?

    It will depend on where you are located, how long you’d like one to last and whether you’d like me to perform my current show too. Drop me a line to discuss.