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My teaching / speaking primarily revolves around empowering professional actors to stop waiting around for others to give them an opportunity and to start building a self-sustaining business around their specific strengths instead.

I also specialise in teaching actors how to create, perform and successfully market one-person plays, particularly in the Edinburgh Fringe environment. My most recent talks have been for Equity and The Actor’s Centre, London.





“David as an actor himself has a gift of knowing every possible problem or excuse that holds us back as actors from creating work and making it successful. Not only is his insight in to what he does invaluable but he somehow remains humble, supportive and a breath of fresh air. After one day with David I felt inspired but most importantly totally capable of smashing a one-person show.” - Natalie Capella, professional actor

“David is a great teacher and what he teaches is very inspiring. I came away from our workshop feeling empowered and ready to make a play, and that feeling hasn’t gone away since. He helped me look at the practical elements of a one person show, and focus less on my own anxieties.” - Polly Waldron, professional actor.

"David William Bryan - fabulous actor and guru of all things social media is also an excellent teacher. He has a consultative style that is engaging and educates without his students ever feeling they are being lectured. The courses are collaborative and the fact that David has been so successful in practising what he preaches is positively inspirational." Charlotte Walker, professional actor.

“David is an incredible teacher. He helped me to understand how to work authentically and develop my own agency in this industry. I am very grateful for his inspiring attitude reminding me of why I love what I do! He is kind and generous with his teaching. I loved working with him and would recommend him to anyone interested in cultivating their own voice and agency." Felicity McKay, professional actor